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Noir d'Ebene Chocolat et Patisserie

The Caged Golden Egg Dark Truffle - Gluten Free

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  • Ganache / dark chocolate + heavy cream + unsalted butter  + corn syrup
  • Dark Chocolate / cacao nibs + cane juice sugar + organic cacao butter 

* design: brushed with powdered cocoa butter and sprinkled with edible glitter 

 The Caged Golden Egg sits, awaiting your arrival to set it free. Honduran dark bean to bar chocolate shell envelops a smooth rich, creamy dark chocolate ganache center. Image a tennis ball that tastes like the greatest m&m you’ve ever experienced, with edible gold glitter on top.

and Enjoy!


BEANS: Trinitaro Hybrid - Honduras
This season I am featuring Trinitario hybrid cacao beans from small farms in La Masica, Honduras.  The beans are flavorful without any bitterness or astringency which translates to a well fermented bean.  The flavor profile is that of a little fruitiness with notes of honey, cedar and sandal wood.  An interesting mix of flavors indeed that will result in a delicious smooth creamy chocolate.
  I am the Picasso of Chocolate.  

d'Ebene Chocolate 

d’Ébène Chocolat is made in studio from single-origin, individually-sourced, fair trade cacao beans. ​Whether you eat d’Ébène Chocolat plain or use it in your favorite cookie, brownie, cupcake or other confections, candies, each one of our chocolates is an exciting adventure–a distinctive and unique culinary experience.

We import cacao beans from Peru, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and other exotic countries. We process ​these beans in studio for up to 96 hours; using a conching process, which refines the chocolate and makes it smooth and creamy. The result of this dedication is a tantalizing harmony of flavors and textures, unique among the chocolates and pastries of the world.





Handcrafted & Packaged 




Manufactured in a facility that handles wheat, dairy, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts.



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