About Us

Noir d’Ébène chocolat et pâtisserie is an Evanston, Illinois – based artisanal pastry and chocolate boutique studio created by founder and professional pastry chef/chocolatier Journey Shannon. The incredible edible gifts are handcrafted with the freshest ingredients available – Noir d’Ébène prides itself on using the same kind of natural ingredients that mom did when baking cakes on a Saturday afternoon. Cacao nibs, cake and all-purpose flour, European-style butter, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean paste, granulated sugar, French or Portuguese sea salt and other wonderful, exciting, and complementary ingredients.

 d’Ébène Chocolat is made in studio from single-origin, individually-sourced, fair trade cacao beans. ​Whether you eat  d’Ébène Chocolat plain or use it in your favorite cookie, brownie, cupcake or other confections, each one of our chocolates is an exciting adventure–a distinctive and unique culinary experience.

 We import cacao beans from Peru, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, India, Venezuela and other exotic countries. We process ​these beans in studio for up to 96 hours; using a conching process, which refines the chocolate and makes it smooth and creamy. The result of this dedication is a tantalizing harmony of flavors and textures, unique among the chocolates and pastries of the world.

Everyone loves the gift of chocolate, cookies, brownies and pastries. It’s our comfort desserts that reminds us of younger days playing tag, getting a gold star, birthdays and plain ole good days. We are happy to create and ship your celebratory chocolate and pastries. Interested in adding your favorite bottle of wine, water, juice, popcorn, jewelry or other items? It’ll be our pleasure to shop, pickup and add it to your order of chocolate and pastries.

Party time is our time to share and serve with Sweet Tables, Sandwich Lunch Boxes, Party Favors and Gift Bags. Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Showers, Corporate Events, Birthday Celebrations, Anniversaries and more.