A note from the chef

Thank you for visiting.  I welcome you to the Noir d'Ébène Chocolat et Patisserie online boutique. 


Imagine enjoying chocolate so complex, you pick up flavors and notes of caramel, cinnamon and rose petals. Imagine a chocolate adventure that immerses you in a region and culture. Our single-origin chocolate delivers this while also ensuring hard-working cacao farmers are fairly compensated.


Some of our Noir d'Ébène Chocolate bars are made exclusively with beans from one specific estate while others are made from a cooperative of estates. We use both husk and bean, preparing the chocolate with natural ingredients for a performance that is so much more than simply satiating a craving. And we send samples back to each farm so they can experience for themselves the fruits of their labors.


From harvest to roast to grind, we handcraft with joy, cut no corners and spare no expense in delivering a rich, deep and full-bodied chocolate experience.  Have a look around, share your thoughts about what you see, ask questions, enjoy.


Choose Happiness.      


Journey Shannon