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We handcraft pastries, chocolates, confections, sandwiches and salads with the freshest ingredients daily.  Butter is our friend, unless you'd like an appropriate substitute.  Yes, we make vegan and gluten free items.  Of course we would like to celebrate with you, give us a call or email to discuss the details.


a. Chocolate Chip  

b. Candy Coated (M&M)  

c. Raisin Oatmeal  

d. Peanut Butter

e. french macarons

f. coconut rochers / coconut rochers


a. Chocolate  

b. Chocolate Caramel  

c. Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Caramel 

d. Peanut Butter Marshmallow Caramel 

e.  Caramel Rice Krispies


a. peanut butter  

b. apple

c. pumpkin  

d. sweet potato  

e. banana  

f. pecan coconut

TARTS and...

a. banana pudding  

b. peach cobbler  

c. apple galettes 

d. bread pudding