Wholesale Menu

It is our pleasure to be a part of your daily menu that you serve to your loyal customers.  We handcraft pastries, chocolates, confections, sandwiches and salads with the freshest ingredients daily.  Butter is our friend, unless you'd like an appropriate substitute.  Yes, we make vegan and gluten free items.  We make Bean to Bar chocolate from scratch, d’Ebene Chocolate.  Cacao beans are imported from over ten different countries.  55 - 75% Dark, 55% Goats Milk, 55% Coconut Milk are available options made with cane or coconut sugar. 


Give us a call or email to discuss the details.   


Handcrafted Pastries & Bean to Bar Chocolate
 Made Locally in Small Batches
NO Preservatives or Additives
Made with BUTTER    
Made to Order
Gluten Free, Vegan Available 
Weekly Delivers before Noon
Call, Text, Email Order