A personal N O T E

There doesn’t seem like a time when I am not creating, being inspired.  A far away island I’d like to call my second home but truthfully it is in the kitchen standing in front of the stove, oven or leaning against a counter top.  I often wonder how I got here while being appreciative for those that inspire me to stay.  It’s neither easy nor difficult.  Most moments are fun, most, I laugh and say.  It becomes challenging when I begin to count all the many things I need to do or think I need to do.  How to be here, present and work toward the future that one cannot see vs enjoying the now moment often stumps me.  Something is brewing and I smell its delicious mixture in the wind.  The something, which I cannot see I know is joyously for me.  
I leave you with excitement, continued dedication to create and serve you my wares and the promise to keep you updated on the journey, new pastries, bean to bar chocolates, catering, lunch boxes and Body.  Body is new, I make body products with my natural food ingredients. 
Thank you for being available and always having something to say.  It continues to be my pleasure to create, inspire and to serve my world.  Choose happy.  Choose each other.  Choose Noir d'Ebene Chocolat et Patisserie      

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