Grand Opening

Evanston, IL — Evanston’s premier chocolatier, Shannon Sudduth, has opened her first retail location at 1309 Chicago Avenue, near Dempster Street. Shannon has been crafting 

bean-to-bar chocolates, confections and pastries for over 25 years. The business,  Noir d’Ébène Chocolat et Pâtisserie, has been operating out of the Family Focus Center and is now ready to make the step to its own retail location. The boutique will feature small batch  artisanal chocolates, patisseries and savory items, all made from scratch with ethically sourced ingredients, with the menu changing weekly.  

Shannon is a native Evanstonian, raised in the Fifth Ward, although her work has been heavily influenced by the Creole spirit of her mother and her Jamaican born Father. Her creations reflect the complexities of her cultures, combining ingredients from all over the world. She has always dreamed of bringing this boutique to life. She has been unable to access a traditional loan and is building this store on the back of hard work, passion and the support of her community. “Operating a business in a time of prosperity involves a lot of risk, and opening a storefront during a pandemic involves even greater risk”, says Shannon. Despite these risks, the new location will serve as a hub for happiness. Sudduth’s work has always focused on providing moments of escape and freedom to those lucky enough to sample her work. This new chapter will be no different. 


The Pleasure Boutique opened November 25, 2020 with a soft launch. Join Shannon at 1309 Chicago Avenue every Wednesday - Sunday from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM and take part in building up moments of community and compassion right in your hometown.  Look out for the official grand opening celebration, coming soon .  


Consider contributing to her GoFundMe which makes this possible,

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