Happy Anniversary, almost.

Our one year anniversary is soon approaching and it feels good, great actually.  Its taken me 25 years to open my first store and one year to be inside it sharing it with you.  It takes us all, my vision, Rebecca, Tawana and Robert running the store.  Frances, Sophia, the Transitional and Summer Youth Students working with me in the kitchen, Friends and Family giving advice, and you, for showing up, showing interest and supporting with your dollar.  Thank you all. Some months have been extremely slow while others have kept us exhausted and busy.  Through it all I have smiled, danced, talked to spirit with the hopes of being enough and inspiring both you and my team.

My mission is to create happiness.  To inspire you to smile, feel good, and to take that enjoyment and share it with whomever is beside you.  

Noir d’Ebene Chocolat et Patisserie. A handcrafted, meticulously sexy, whimsical, melodic, pleasure experience.  We make spectacular single origin chocolate from scratch.  I was a pastry chef first, so cookies, brownies, cakes all await you.  Daily you're invited to come in, It would be our honor to serve you.  

Holidays are soon approaching and with the season we offer PIES.  Our new favorite loves are Pumpkin and Bourbon Chocolate Pecan.  Both made with a butter crust and full of flavor with the right amount of sweetness.  

Corporate and Client Gifts, bring them on.  Our Chocolate Coin Box is perfect.  We can ship to over 1000 different address with just under a three week lead time.   

Thank you for shining with me, growing with me and allowing me to share in your happiness.  May we continue to do great things together!



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