Sweet Southern Potato Pie in time for the holidays

I don't recall a holiday where we didn't celebrate with a Sweet Potato Pie.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, the Fourth of July, Mothers Day or any Sunday would do perfectly.  It's a mandatory southern tradition, written in some book I am sure.  Grandmothers passed down their secret recipes of spices, knowing how many potatoes needed to be mashed and how many handfuls of sugar to sprinkle before adding the eggs and vanilla.  My hands were much smaller then so I was allowed to use two and even got to crack the three eggs.  

Buttery crust was rolled between palms and placed in pans before being smothered with the most decadent  homemade sweet potato pie filling.  Any house would smell of love, sweetness, spices and the best damn Sweet Potato Pie imaginable.  Well that's what we all say, that we make the best pie this side of the Mississippi River.  Well I do, I've got the best recipe. 

Tis the season and I invite you home again with a delicious Southern Sweet Potato Pie.

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