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The 2018 Downtown Evanston Farmers Market ( opened Saturday, May 5th behind the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel at 1818 Maple Avenue, Evanston, Illinois. I am honored to be a part of it. It’s been two years since I was last here as a vendor, but after arriving and setting up, I am home again.  “Thank you” to those who welcomed me back and remembered me, and “thank you” to those who invested in me for the first time.  I have to admit I wasn’t completely prepared. As I rushed from my home at 5am, I left ID cards in the kitchen, my ingredient labels weren’t on; I guess I was nervous. But when the market opened, my team and I were on. Thank you Tawana, Adam Stock and Family, Robert and Gia.  

We shared stories of how we make our chocolate as a crowd gathered to taste bean to bar dark, milk, white with lemon and coconut, and creamy dark chocolate with olives and crisped rice. It’s been a six-year journey of trial and error, with over 143 batches of chocolate to discover the tastiest combinations. I sort my cacao beans by hand, roast them in the oven, crack them, and occasionally winnow - separate the skin (husk) from the seed (bean). I then grind, conch (mix until smooth) and temper each small batch by hand on a slab of marble. The chocolate is indulgent, rich, creamy and well balanced with sweetness. The dark bars sold out first, especially the Husky Bar that’s made with both bean and husk. The vegan chocolate brownie bar was second to go. Next time I make a batch I’ll add bean to bar dark chocolate pieces to enhance the chocolate intensity.

“What else do I have,” you might ask? Truffles, chocolate chip caramel bars, Creole Rolls and so much more. Passion Fruit, Pineapple and Blackberry Vegan Gummies, flavored with fruit purée adorn the table in cute, transparent 2” boxes with black ribbons.  They bring out the child in everyone, adding sparkle to our eyes. A more grown-up and fitting name is needed, so from now on please look for Pâtes de Fruit or Fruit Jellies. My morning was full, serving, sharing, listening and smiling. I spent my morning being in love. 

The Farmers Market runs until November. I share the space with a lovely woman selling fermented beverages working alternate Saturdays. When I am not there, I am in the kitchen where I am every day, and look forward to serving your Catering, Private Event, Gift Boxes and Saturday Farmers Market needs. Yes, I ship. Contact me here.


Journey Shannon



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