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Noir d'Ebene Desk

We've arrived to that time of year, gathered our books, pencils, folders, notebooks and favorite gel pens. Most of us have gone school shopping and can count how many days we have left to wear sandals. Yes, the season has changed and with it we put back on our school thinking caps and celebrate youth returning back to school. Parents, Cheers, you made it.

I enjoyed my summer of teaching, friendship, discovering love and being still thinking. My menu will now change quarterly. Cookies remind me of childhood, licking the mixing spoon and the wonderment of fire flies. I will feature one each month. Making bean to bar chocolates continues to widen my smile and with that pleasure I have developed new flavors like White Muscovado Malt and Single Origin Noir Dark 80% without the addition of added cocoa butter.

Excitement is like a beam of light tickling my toes and planting seeds inside me each day. You inspire me to harvest those ideas and create and for that I will forever be thankful.

May our journeys always lead us back to each other with the sweetest kiss of happiness on our lips. To a great school year filled with success and Noir d'Ebene shared between friends.


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